Refrigerator Repair in Spokane WashingtonAre you looking for Refrigerator Repair in Spokane? Robinson’s Appliance Repair is who you need to call! Don’t wait and let your food spoil, call us know and let us know you have an emergency repair situation. We understand that broken refrigerators cannot wait to be repaired, which is why we try our hardest to get to these appointments as soon as we can. (Please understand that we service customers across all of Spokane and may not get to you for a few hours.

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Refrigerators today can keep food cold for hours without actually running. If you have a broken refrigerator, keep the door shut! If you have ice in the freezer, put it in some kind of container and put it at the bottom of your refrigerator, this will help keep your food cold. (Try doing this quickly as you want to keep the door closed at all times).

There’s almost nothing worse than a broken refrigerator. A refrigerator that breaks will cause a lot of stress for any family or individual. This is why Robinson’s Appliance Repair in Spokane is the company to call, we will either get your refrigerator working again or let you know if its time to get a replacement.

Why You Should Use Our Refrigerator Repair Spokane Services:

  • Fast Responses To Broken Refrigerators
  • We Offer Discounts To Military families
  • Robinson’s Has Been In Business For Over 30 Years
  • We Have Successfully Fixed Thousands Of Refrigerators
  • Same Day Service
  • We Guarantee Our Work

Robinson’s Appliance Repair can fix any brand of refrigerator. We work on major brands such as, Frigidaire, Kenmore and Whirlpool. We offer military discounts to those located in Spokane WA. Robinson’s has been serving Spokane, WA since 1982 and we offer same day service. Call us today if you are looking for Appliance Repair in Spokane at (509) 428-2841